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Bead with silver foil - lampwork


For this bead we need:

- silver foil (foil is better than leaf for this bead)

- transparent glass - I use aqua, teal, emerald green

- mashers

- silver wire

You can use rods or stringers - as you like

1. Make the base of Pale aqua - barrel shape.

2. Melt and form. I use great Guarino Groovy Tool.

3. Prepare a piece of foil to wrap the entire bead in it. Take the bead out of the flame and wrap in silver. Now the main focus is to hold the bead under the flame and wrap it in transparent colors.

4. You can pass the bead in the upper part of flame but be careful not to burn your silver foil. Wrap the entire bead in transparent colors. Now you can return bead to the flame and melt.

5. Form the bead. Pay attention to corners.

6. If you see space between layers of glass fix it!

7. Now melt your bead and press with mashers. Heat each side to avoid chill marks.

8. Now we can make some bubbles or drops. With dark aqua rod place a drop of glass, take the bead out of the flame and poke this drop. Now fill it with Pale aqua glass to get the bubble inside!

9. The last hint is silver wire. Just heat the entire bead a little, take it out of flame and wrap the wire around. You can use 30-28 Ga pure silver wire. Return the bead in flame and you will see how wire will form small silver drops.

That's it!