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Basic beads: round, with dots, with swirl

Round bead

Good round bead has a donut form. The holes must be a little deeper into the hole. If they run out spout the bead can crumble in the end and crab. And therefore it is very fragile - it will sooner or later arise chips.

This is NOT good bead hole!

There are several ways to make a round bead. I like this one.

1. Form a disk

2. Slowly melt the disk - don't be in a hurry!

3. The result is - nice ROUND bead.

Bead with raised dots

Pull the stringer of the desired color. Start to make dots! It's difficult for the first time to make equal dots but PRACTICE! And you can make them.

1. Try to divide your bead into 4 sectors and we can start - 1 dot in each sector. Try to hold your mandrel and stringer perpendicular. Heat the spot where you want to place dot, take the bead out of flame. Heat the tip of the stringer and place the dot - you have to place the dot out of flame.

2. 4 dots in 4 sectors and then we can place dots between. 12 dots on one bead!

3. Then we have to melt our dots a little bit but still keep them raised. You can place second row of another color dots.

4. Melt slightly

5. Here we are!

Make a swirl

1. Make a round bead and place one after another 4 white dots and 4 dots of another color (I choose orange). To make a swirl we need a straight sided cold stringer! Heat the place between two dots, take stringer and push it in the glass (not too deep) - you have to be on the surface of the bead. And make a swirl.

2. In seconds stringer will cool and you can simply break it off.

3. The swirl is ready! You can leave it like this or place a small drop in the middle.