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Far away island - lampwork

For this bead we need:

- white glass rod

- silver foil or leaf

- silvered ivory stringer (SIS)

- aqua and teal glass rods

1. Prepare silver foil - get a piece to wrap half or your future bead.

Start with the white base bead - cylinder shape.

2. Wrap the bottom part of the bead in silver foil. Try to avoid air pockets. Burn the silver off.

3. Now the color of our bead is shiny gold. Form the bead on the marver.

4. Paint a stripe of SIS in the end of silver foil.

5. Decorate bottom of the bead with drops of teal. Next to the SIS place a stripe of aqua.

6. Melt everything. Heat the bead and press it with mashers.

7. In the end we can decorate bead with swirls!