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How to make heart on bead.

You can use this technique to decorate your beads. In these tabs I put heart instead of "O" in word "Love". Looks cute!

We need this instrument - Dental pick

Make a base bead (any shape you like). Place two dots with thick stringer (I use white color).

On the top of white dots place dark amethyst dots. I make it with thin stringer.

Heat them and melt a little.

Then rake them with dental pick. Your instrument have to be cool. If it's getting hot you can simply put it in a glass of cold water.

This heart is raised.

You can make two hearts - they will look like flower or petals - also cute result.

Start with 4 white dots. You can make base dots in pink - will have great result and color in the end.

Melt them and rake one after another.


Have fun!