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How to work with press. How to make heart and clover.

We need this instrument - Dental pick

Make a base bead (any shape you like). Place two dots (I use black color).

Heat the dots a little and rake them with dental pick. Your instrument have to be cool. If it's getting hot you can simply put it in a glass of cold water.

This heart is raised.

To make a clover I use the same technique.

I make my base bead using press.

This is Sleek Pillow by Cattwalk. To have to try a little bit to understand how much glass you need for each press. First I try to get the right lengh.

Oop, not enough!

That's the lengh that I need for this size.

Heat the bead and press!

What can happen:

- the glass is over the press and we have - TOO MUCH glass. You can melt the edges of glass or try to shape the bead on marver. Or use the bigger size of press (if possible).

- when there's not enough glass and the bead turned lopsided. You can add it just at the edges (where not enough), once again melt and press again.

After you press the bead it's important to fire polish it to get rid of chill marks and not to get the bead cool.

Let's make clover!

Add dots like we did for the heart.

Heat each pair of dots and rake them to the center.

Try to make it so the end of each pair of dots will touch another.

than small stamen. Ready!