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Silvered ivory stringer

A lot of beads have silvered ivory stringer (SIS) decoration. How we can get this effect?

To make SIS we need:

- dark ivory rod

- silver foil or leaf (only pure silver!)

- tweezer

1. Take a small piece of silver leaf.

2. Heat the tip of the dark ivory rod. Make a drop - the bigger the drop the bigger piece of silver leaf you need.

3. Wrap hot but not molten drop in silver leaf - it's not a problem if you have spaces without leaf. You have to wrap more than a half of the drop. Wrap tightly in a sheet of silver, press glass - we are trying to leave no air pockets.

4. Heat the whole drop. Be sure you use good ventilation!

5. Take it off the flame, wait untill the skin begins to form and with tweezers pull out silvered ivory stringer.

6. That's it! Remember - SIS is fraqile.

Tha bead with SIS decoration